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Are you in the middle of potentially leaving your current job? Have you already left and unsure where you are going to work next? Thinking about transitioning to retirement?

We can build you a plan to help you through any transition you might be going through. Whether it’s planning to bridge the gap from one job to the next, knowing how far your savings will stretch so you can wait for the right job to come your way, or knowing how close you are to being able to fully retire – you’ll get advice from a professional financial planner to build a personal plan just for you!


What do I do with my old retirement plan? Should I move it to my next employer?


How do I handle taxation of severance and will it affect unemployment benefits?


Have I saved enough to fully retire? Can you help me figure out what type of income I could pull from my accounts to fully retire?

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How Can The Retirement Planning Group Help Me?

We care about your success and will help you create a personalized retirement plan to help you pursue your financial goals in life.

We have experience providing retirement advice specific to companies both large and small nationwide. Our professional financial planners will help you build and navigate a strategy based on your needs.

We can provide retirement advice specific to companies like Cerner, Evergy, Hallmark, Burns and McDonnell, Sprint, Wells Fargo, AT&T,  and more.


Retirement Income Planning

We will provide you with a personalized retirement plan that will help you decide the best time to claim social security, how to claim any potential pension benefits, and how to plan for healthcare expenses during retirement.

3 Questions your Financial Advisor Should Answer for you

Saving For Retirement

How much should I save? And should I take advantage of my employer’s Roth 401k option? What are the tax benefits to different savings plans?

529 Plans

Holistic Financial Planning

We will create a full financial plan with you that includes your retirement goals, tax planning, investment management and life insurance assessment.

Get personalized retirement advice from an experienced financial advisor.

A better financial future is only a phone call away. Schedule a free consultation with The Retirement Planning Group today.

Kevin Jaegers

“Don’t hesitate to book your free consultation.”

“Kevin Conard, of The Retirement Planning Group carries 20+ years of experience helping all types of employees navigate retirement.”
Kevin Jaegers
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