Planning for Change in the Market

Planning for Change in the Market

After what seemed like the longest winter ever, spring has finally arrived here in the Midwest. Temperatures are pleasant, the days are longer, grass is green again and baseball games are in full swing. It wasn’t long ago that it felt like winter would never end, but that feeling is quickly becoming a distant memory. [...]

Markets Shrug off Brexit

You may remember the “Brexit” headlines at the end of last month and the subsequent market panic that followed the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union. The day after the vote, we sent our clients an email explaining the situation along with the recommendation to remain patient, disciplined, and not to overreact to the [...]

The 1000 Point Market Drop

If you watch any sort of news outlet tonight, you will undoubtedly see some story about a market drop with a headline that reads: “The Dow down 1000 points!” (Or some deliberately scary iteration thereof). What happened? When the market opened this morning the Dow initially dropped 1089 points. An hour later, it had already [...]