So, some significant life event has happened, and you think you’re ready to engage the services a financial planner, but how do you know which Kansas City firm can reliably accommodate your unique needs?

For many people financial planning is inadvertently, but easily overlooked. The busyness and activity of their day to day lives consume the vast bulk of their time and attention so much so that their financial lives often takes a back seat to everything else. It’s not intentional, it’s just a reality many people find themselves in. But, often when the need for financial planning presents itself it comes with a sense of urgency, usually correlating with a major life event. Marriage, divorce, job/career change, death in the family, inheritance, moving, birth of a child, and caring for a loved one are just a few examples.

These events occur across a wide variety of ages and life stages and can create previously unknown or unconsidered financial goals. So, in order to address them how do you wade through the vast landscape of Kansas City firms in the financial services industry?

At The Retirement Planning Group we have the experience and capability to provide beneficial, specific advice to households thrust in to needing financial planning, or households needing planning that extends beyond wealth management. Our advisory services are catered towards the unique needs of households in all stages of their financial lives. The three typical households we encounter most often are:

  • Households in the early stages of financial planning that are typically 35 years of age and under, establishing a career & family, very busy, might have high debt and low assets, but have solid earnings. Often a triggering event for these households is simply the realization that they have begun or will in the near future begin accumulating significant assets, or starting a family. Some of the typical ways we help these households are defining financial goals, 401(k) recommendations, analysis of employer benefits, budgeting strategies, tax-efficient savings advice, and putting the pieces in place for a strong financial foundation.
  • Households in a pre-retiree phase are typically 35-55 years of age, have advanced their careers, are focusing on children’s education, growing their Net worth, and saving for retirement. The motivation to seek financial planning for these households often stems from a career change, caring for a loved one, inheriting assets, or simply wanting to address the aspects of their financial lives that were possibly neglected when they were younger.  We provide these households valuable advice on asset management, college savings, 401(k) recommendations, asset consolidation, investment strategies, insurance advice, and beginning to create a customized retirement plan.
  • Households in ‘the retirement red-zone’ are usually 55 or older and within 10 years of retirement or already retired. These households usually have a clearer understanding of their financial goals but no longer have the luxury of a great deal of time left in their careers. For households in this phase we provide significant value centered around a comprehensive, customized retirement plan addressing all the necessary areas to have a successful retirement. The recommendations we provide in regards to wealth management, investment strategies, Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, insurance planning, and tax planning all stem from a cohesive, extensive retirement plan.

At The Retirement Planning Group our team of 8 financial advisors, a chief investment officer, and 5 client service associates is fully capable to offer valuable, personalized advice germane to each household’s unique needs across all financial phases. Our uncommon combination of financial services industry experience and youth not allow allows us to provide comprehensive, beneficial financial advice, it also means we will be there to guide you all the way through the duration of your financial plan.

We are an independent, fee-based advisory firm that has been in operation since 2003 and currently serves about 800 households.

Unlike other financial services firms in Kansas City, we truly have the scalability to get to know our clients on an intimate level. All of our clients, regardless of account size, age, or future asset amounts receive personalized, thoughtful service from all our employees. We believe in fostering a friendly, welcoming, office environment and spending time with our clients in social settings outside the office. We have many clients that have become our friends and friends that have become our clients.

Our greatest satisfaction is seeing our clients accomplish their financial goals!