Estate Planning Made Easy

The subject of estate planning is an area many investors overlook. Often it feels like it is going to be a complicated and painful process.

We’ve done the footwork for you.

We’ve vetted several independent Estate Planning attorneys. These attorneys all focus solely on Estate Planning issues. They come to our offices to meet with our clients and work at pre-negotiated discounted rates.

The process is simple

Why The Traditional Approach Has Failed - Estate Planning Step 1

Step #1

It’s an initial appointment at no charge. And since we have a full inventory of your assets and liabilities, we can make the process smooth. Your Wealth Manager will meet with you and the attorney to craft an Estate Plan – be it a Will or a Trust – and all of the supporting documents that do with it.

Estate Planning Step 2 - The Retirement Planning Group

Step #2

At the second appointment, documents are signed, witnessed, and notarized by staff at our office. From there we will assist in making sure assets are set up correctly to execute your new Estate Plan. We then scan copies and store electronic copies in your online client vault – giving you access to them whenever you want!

As Estate Planning laws change, we’ll refresh documents as necessary and you’ll have one set of advisors looking out for generations to come!

Kevin Conard

“For decades, advisors have made the world of finance difficult from start to finish. Often with zero transparency. We've changed that.”

- Kevin Conard

The Easiest firm to work with on planet Earth.

Every engagement with us is designed to be easy. From booking appointments to communicating with your advisor via phone app or text, opening accounts to accessing documents, and getting answers, we strive to make it the best experience you can find.

Your team will take the complicated subject matter and make it easy to digest and understand. If you are looking for complicated, confusing, or condescending, you are at the wrong place.