Where Heartbeat Meets Technology

Some Wealth Management firms still use rolodexes
while others will only talk to you online.

We think the best relationships are backed by a heartbeat but accessible anywhere! That’s exactly what you get with The Retirement Planning Group. With our client app, you can access your accounts, documents, or team anywhere in the palm of your hand!

Net Worth

When you launch your app, the first thing you’ll see is a summary of all your assets and liabilities in one place. You can even add other asset values like cars, homes, and jewelry to see a full accounting of your total net worth.

Home and Portfolio Client View App

Portfolio View

We give you full access to the historical value of your accounts over time, the total stock/bond allocation, rate of return, access to your confidence score, and recent rebalancing activity.


In your vault, you’ll be able to access monthly statements, quarterly performance reports and tax documents – all in one place. You can also upload documents to share with your team as well as use the vault to store sensitive documents like Estate Plans and Life Insurance policies! No more rummaging around in file cabinets for documents!

Client Document Vault


Here we’ll post firm-wide events, market content and notifications about your account. You’ll get an in-app notification or email anytime we send you a message. And you can chat directly with your team!

Anywhere, anytime!

No One-Man Bands Found Here

You deserve more than a sleepy one-advisor firm or worse an advisor going it alone inside a large firm.

When you become a client of The Retirement Planning Group, you are assigned to a dedicated group of professionals made up of a Wealth Manager, Tax Professional, Investment Team Member, and Client Service Associate. Each professional is position-specific and designed to help in a specific area while collaborating with the entire team. When you have a team working on your behalf, dedicated to their discipline, you can get better results.


You deserve a team – and that’s what we’ve built for you. The only thing left to do is introduce you to them. Are you ready?

Dedicated Team | The Retirement Planning Group