How We Select Investments

Investment Selection

Investment selection is a crucial part of what we do for you.

Once we’ve built your plan and know the stock/bond ratios (allocations) for each account, we’ll assemble your portfolio. Since we are an independent firm, we have no incentive to use one investment over another. If we think a certain investment can help our clients, we will consider it.

How We Select Investments

We build portfolios off three criteria:

Markets are unpredictable – so diversify.

Because markets are inherently unpredictable, we diversify across different countries, company sizes, sectors, and other characteristics. Portfolios are designed to be “all-weather” – participating in gains when and where they occur while reducing risk compared to a more concentrated approach during market downturns.

Choose investments that minimize fees and taxes.

One of the gating criteria we use to exclude investments is the internal expense. If expenses are kept low, you keep more return. We utilize funds that provide access to broad stock and bond markets, in addition to other low-cost strategies. Most portfolios used are 0.3% or less in total fund expenses. We minimize taxes using tax-loss harvesting, lot optimization, tax-efficient funds, asset location, and other strategies.

Markets change – so should your portfolio.

We are diligent about keeping your portfolio in balance and suitable for the current environment, positioned for long-term opportunities, and aligned with your goals, objectives, and unique circumstances. In addition to frequently monitoring your account for trading opportunities, we also design our portfolios to adjust as market and economic conditions change so your investments stay with the times.

Examples of current strategies in use:

  • Active bond managers
  • Factor tilting/rotation (dynamic portfolio exposure to value, size, quality, low volatility, momentum)
  • Thematic investing (based on consumer trends, disruptive and innovative technologies, etc)
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