Tom Is Considering a Career Change

Meet Tom & Lisa – Age: 46 & 43

Their Situation:

Tom has worked as an executive at a pharmaceutical company for over 15 years and Lisa has been a successful real estate agent for the past 20 years. They have a combined net worth of $2 million, which includes savings in their 401k, a healthy brokerage account, and a paid-off rental property.

[Case Study] - Career Change | The Retirement Planning Group
[Case Study] - Career Change | The Retirement Planning Group

Their Concern:

Tom has been approached by a new biotech company to take on a leadership role. The position comes with a complex compensation package that includes a high base salary, stock options, and a performance bonus. The offer is a significant increase from his current salary, but Tom is unsure if he should take the risk and leave his stable job for a new and untested company.

Their Solution:

Tom and Lisa met with a Wealth Manager at The Retirement Planning Group to review their financial situation and weigh the pros and cons of the new job offer. The advisor helped them understand the terms of the complex compensation package and evaluate the potential impact on their overall financial plan.

The Wealth Manager also created a detailed financial projection that took into account their expected income, expenses, and investments over the next several years. This helped them to see how the new job offer would affect their financial goals and retirement plans.

After considering the Wealth Manager’s insights and projections, Tom and Lisa decided to take the new job. The advisor also provided recommendations for managing their newfound wealth, such as diversifying their investment portfolio, building a 401k allocation at the new company and creating a solid plan for long-term financial security.


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