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Our goal is to help you achieve your retirement dreams. Our financial advisors are dedicated to ensuring you receive the time and attention you deserve to create an individualized strategy. With unbiased, client-centered advice, you can have confidence in your financial future.

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Is The Retirement Planning Group
right for you?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a financial firm that understood your journey in life and could help you create a financial plan to fulfill that journey? Well, look no further. Introducing, life stage planning – planning that meets you where you are and helps you grab your future.

Stage 1 Planning
30 – 45
Years Old
Feeling disorganized? Not sure where to even start?
Stage 2 Planning
45 – 55
Years Old
Worried if you are on track? Are there other things you could be doing?
Stage 3 Planning
Years Old
Wondering if or when you can retire? Curious about how much income you could expect to live off of without running out of money?

Why Choose Us?

We are an independent advisory firm dedicated to providing unbiased, client-centered advice.

Limited Number of Clients


Our firm limits the number of client relationships each advisor cares for which ensures each client receives the maximum amount of time and attention.

Fiduciary For You


Since we are a Registered Investment Advisory firm (R.I.A.) there are no hidden fees and our advisors receive no back-door payments or commissions.

Low Fees

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Our average internal portfolio cost is 0.25% and is lower than the national average of 1%.

Find Out Who We Are

The Retirement Planning Group was formed by a group of advisors that spent their early years working in the stock brokerage industry. After working as financial advisors for four major stock brokerage firms and witnessing the behind the scene workings of several of the major wirehouses, they concluded that ultimately their clients would be better served in an independent environment. From there The Retirement Planning Group was formed, an independent advisory firm dedicated to providing unbiased, client-centered advice.

Introduction by The Retirement Planning Group President, Ryan Costello

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A guiding principal of The Retirement Planning Group is limiting the number of clients each advisor works with thereby ensuring each client receives the maximum amount of time and attention needed to help them fulfill their goals. Unfortunately, many advisors in the financial services industry are required to manage several hundred relationships. As those advisors are forced to take on additional clients their time becomes diluted and their clients pay the ultimate cost—lack of attention and care.

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Overland Park, KS | St. Louis, MO | Springfield, MO

We have the resources of a large financial firm, but the customer service of a small boutique business. Our offices reflect this with an open and personable environment. At each of our offices, you’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable, friendly, and client-centered firm. We are not your typical financial office as we offer a relaxed atmosphere that’s transparent, family-oriented, and open.