Confident Wealth-Building In Long-Term Investment Strategies

Building wealth begins with a long-term strategy based on proper asset allocation and a well-diversified portfolio. Our belief that chasing the daily headlines of sensationalist journalism will not lead to wealth forms our entire investment philosophy.

We base our management of your investment portfolio in research and not speculation. Furthermore, we use clear defined steps that will help you be confident in the strategies we set forth for your financial future. With decades of financial research and logic, we help you build wealth for your retirement.

Our Investment Management Philosophy

  • Meet Client Objectives
  • Just-Right Diversification
  • Improve Risk Management
  • Closely Monitor
  • Rebalance As Necessary
  • Strategic Allocation
  • Long-term Strategy
  • Infrequent Changes
  • Remain Tax Efficient
  • Maintain Low Costs / Low Turnover
  • Avoid Speculation
  • Efficiently Manage Your Concerns

Investment Management Starts With You

We have clear defined steps to managing your investment portfolio, and it begins and ends with you. We realize that not every client has the same needs or requirements. This is why we take great care in communicating with you and getting to know you – your current financial situation, your goals, and your dreams. Our investment managers will help you make investments based on a long-term strategy that is well-planned and based in research, rather than on emotion and speculation. We are dedicated to helping you grow your wealth without a sense of panic, but yet maintaining principled risk.

Step 1: Identify Client Objectives

We realize that while financial security is the main objective for most clients, each has their own specific set of needs based on their current life stage and their goals. It’s based on retirement income needs, tolerance for market volatility, and the desire to leave an estate, among many other requirements.

Step 2: Design The Portfolio Blueprint

This is determining proper asset allocation. We analyze the global allocation of publically owned investable assets. With the information we gather, we create portfolios designed to fit your needs and specific objectives. We review these allocations on a regular basis and only make changes when we believe we can capitalize for your benefit. Daily events and sensationalist headlines never influence our decisions to make allocation changes. Instead, changes are made strategically with financially-backed research and analysis.

Step 3: Diversify The Right Amount

The problem with portfolio diversification is that you can overdo it and underdo it. Over-diversification is not strategically-based, leaving gaps and redundancies in your portfolio. However, with under-diversification, you run the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket only to find out that your basket is taken from you.

Therefore, we constantly work to ensure you always have a well-diversified portfolio, including ownership of large and small companies from all significant industries and market segments around the world. We also include a diversified group of holdings such as government and corporate bonds.

Step 4: Selecting The Targeted Investment Funds

Once the strategy is set and the allocation process is complete, we then select investment funds. However, these funds must align with the strategy and must create portfolios that represent our target allocations. These funds generally also have three essential characteristics:

  1. Low cost
  2. Low turnover
  3. Good stewards of past investments

It’s important to remember that there will always be some kind of risk, even with proper diversification.  However, by using funds with different styles and approaches we can manage and mitigate risk to a certain extent. After your portfolio has been built, we will monitor it closely and rebalance as necessary to stay on target. With ongoing and efficient investment management that builds wealth, you can feel confident in your financial future. Now, not only will you be building wealth, but you’ll be building your income for your dream retirement.